UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1098R

05-1098R Aquafine 3011, SP2, Ideal Horizons 22001, IH-1, IH-2, IH-8, IV-8, SH-4, Siemens LP4150, Sunlight LP4150, Ultra Dynamics 7001-821 
UV Germicidal Lamp 05-1366R Biologic BIO1.5, Minipure MIN1.5, 3 AeroLogic AERO12, 287 mm and many more

SterLRay UV Germicidal Lamp 05-1366R for BIO1.5, MIN1.5, MIN3.0, and AERO-12, 287 mm measured from base face to base face also fits Glasco 1508, Ideal Horizons 41003, 42002, LBR-4, Siemens LP4130, Sunlight LP4130, Trojan UV Technologies 650144, UV602, UV622, 602, Ultra Dynamics 7001-805, P1, S2, GPH287T5L/4
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-0058R

05-0058R replaces Glasco 1908, Lancaster Pump 5-6, Lancaster Pump LBR-6, LBR-8, Siemens LP4110, Sunlight LP4110, Ultra Dynamic 250, 7001-809, P3, S6 and GPH357T5VH/4  it is 17 watts and 357 mm in length 
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1120R

05-1120R UV Germicidal Replacement lamp is an Equivlent for Lancaster Pump 3-6, LBR-4, Siemens, LP4135, Sunlight LP4135, Ultra Dynamics 7001-915, P1, S2, uv lamps that are 287 mm in length and GPH287T5VH/4 Ozone Producing 
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1380R

05-1380R uv lamp replaces Delta Ultraviolet 70-18316, EA/Pond Master - Model 18, Emperor Aquatics 20018, 18 Watt Smart UV, Glasco 1608, 8060, 250, GUS 7, Ideal Horizons 41005, 42003, 4-CUV, 6-CUV, CR-7, IH-4, LBR-6, LBR-8, LBRE-6, LBRE-8, Life Flow 2 GPM, Neptune Water Treatment & Accessories 1000, 1010, 1020, 1030, 2000, 2010, 2020, 2030, Siemens LP4105, Sunlight LP4105, Ultra Dynamics 250, 7001-806, 8060 UD, DW7, P3, S6, Water Master WM-6, WM614L/4P, GPH357T5L/4 4 pin lamp
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1352R

005-1352R uv lamp replaces Aquafine 3070, DW100, Ideal Horizons 12002, IH-5, Siemens LP4070, Sunlight LP4070, Ultra Dynamics 7001-814, Q1, G30T5L, GSL692T5L, it is 32 watts, 689 mm in length and has a single pin on both ends. 
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1343R

05-1343R replaces Advanced UV Inc 7330SWA AUV-S American Ultraviolet CE-36 CE-36-2 DB36 GML005 RT-2G/2CWE, RT2G2CW27M RT2GSCW277 RT-36-2GE RT-36-2GM RT-36-4GE RT-36-4GM SC-1 SM36(L) TB-36-W WM-36(L) Aquafine 3084 DW400 DW8 MP2SL SL1 ATS Aqua Treatment Service ATS-15 ATS-8-246, DWS-12, DWS-15, DWS-24, DWSW-12, SE15, SE24, General Electric 15874, G36T5, Glasco 1642, 2460, Ideal Horizons 12003, 12008, SH-15, SHE15, Lancaster Pump 7L8-246, Photoscience Japan 7330SWA, 7330WS, Siemens 3084, LP4040, ZCSPL3084, Sunlight 3084, LP4040, ZCSPL3084, Ultra Dynamics 7008-246, Ultraviolet Purification EP8, L300040, Water Master 15S, WG-15D, it is 41 Watts, 843 mm in length and has a single pin on both ends. 
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1382R

05-1382R replaces American Ultraviolet, Delta Ultraviolet, Emperor Aquatics, Fischer & Porter, Glasco, Ideal Horizons, Life Flow, Siemens Sunlight, Ultra Dynamics, it is 41 watts, 843 mm in length and has four pins on one end. 
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1338AR

05-1338AR replaces American Ultraviolet GML015, TTG-64, Aquafine 3098, CSL/60, RBE/60, Siemens 3098, LP4010, Sunlight 3098, LP4010, Trojan UV Technologies 6000080, Trojan 2000, Ultra Dynamic 7001-153, Ultraviolet Purification EP1200, L58065, Ideal Horizons 12006, Infilco Degremont L58065 it is 75 Watts, 1554 mm in length and has a single pin on both ends. 
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1337R

05-1337 replaces American Ultraviolet GML140, Aquafine 3095, CSL/60, RBE/60, Glasco 1851, Ideal Horizons 11002, 11004, Siemens LP4015, Sunlight LP4015, Ultra Dynamics 7001-158 it is 75 watts, 1154 mm in length and has single pin on both ends