UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1106R

05-1106R replaces American Ultraviolet CE-30-2H, CE-30-H, GML220, SM-30-H, Aquanetics 120IL, 240IL, 30IL, 360IL, 480IL, 600IL, 60IL, 720IL, 90IL, 960IL, ALA-30, PQ120IL, PQ180IL, PQ240IL, PQ300IL, PQ30IL, PQ360IL, PQ60IL, PQ90IL, PQW120IL, Q120IL, Q180IL, Q240IL, Q300IL, Q30IL, Q360IL, Q480IL, Q600IL , Q60IL, Q720IL, Q90IL, Q960IL, QW120IL, W120IL, General Electric 11080, G30T8, Hawaiian Marine AN-30, Ideal Horizons 22004, Osram Sylvania G30T8, R-Can Sterilight S5R, S5RA, S5RL, Trojan UV Technologies 650149, UV505, UV555, Tropical Marine Center Vecton UV Pond Clear Advantage UV30, Water Master WG-5, WG535/2P, it is 30 watts, 893 mm in length and has bi-pins on both ends

UV Germicidal Lamp 05-1366R Biologic BIO1.5, Minipure MIN1.5, 3 AeroLogic AERO12, 287 mm and many more

SterLRay UV Germicidal Lamp 05-1366R for BIO1.5, MIN1.5, MIN3.0, and AERO-12, 287 mm measured from base face to base face also fits Glasco 1508, Ideal Horizons 41003, 42002, LBR-4, Siemens LP4130, Sunlight LP4130, Trojan UV Technologies 650144, UV602, UV622, 602, Ultra Dynamics 7001-805, P1, S2, GPH287T5L/4

UV Germicidal Lamp 05-1523R AeroLogic AERO18, 436 mm measured from base face to base face

SterLRay UV Germicidal Lamp 05-1523R for AeroLogic AERO-18, 436 mm measured from base face to base face and is also know as and Emperor Aquatics 20025, 25 Watt Smart UV, Ideal Horizons 42022, Pura 163512, 20-463, 210-200, 36002018, UV20, UV20BB, Trojan UV Technologies 650143, UV605, UV675

UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-2600

05-2600 replaces Trojan UV Technologies 602803, UV Max A, it is 14 watts, 300 mm in length
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-2601

05-2601 replaces Trojan UV Technologies 602804, UV Max B, it is 27 watts, 241 mm in length
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-2602

05-2602 replaces Trojan UV Technologies 602805, UV Max C, UV Max D, it is 43 watts, 397 mm in length
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-2603

05-2603 replaces Trojan UV Technologies 602806, Pro 7, UV Max E, UV Max E Plus, it is 67 watts, 641 mm in length
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-2604

05-2604 replaces Trojan UV Technologies 602807, Pro 15, UV Max F, it is 102 watts, 997 mm in length

UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-0200AR

05-0200AR Siemens LP4760, LP4840 Sunlight LP4760, LP4840, Trojan UV Technologies 302417, 612, 650141, 7024, 7040, 7100, UV3614 and G36T5L w/Dielectric Base. The lamp is 41 watts, 843 mm in length, rated effective life 10,000 hrs., change once a year.

UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1338AR

05-1338AR replaces American Ultraviolet GML015, TTG-64, Aquafine 3098, CSL/60, RBE/60, Siemens 3098, LP4010, Sunlight 3098, LP4010, Trojan UV Technologies 6000080, Trojan 2000, Ultra Dynamic 7001-153, Ultraviolet Purification EP1200, L58065, Ideal Horizons 12006, Infilco Degremont L58065 it is 75 Watts, 1554 mm in length and has a single pin on both ends.